Robonomics introduces its open-source platform and supports Web3 technologies. The platform enables the exchange of technical and economic information between humans and robots. By using smart contracts and Blockchain technology, it provides secure integration of cyber-physical systems into the human economy.

RHv0 is made for engineers and developers with any level of experience. You’ll create solutions for smart household and/or office environments by using ROS-compatible IoT & Robotics devices or simulations, all controlled by Robonomics. The ideas for smart spaces are endless, so get ready to unleash your creativity!

During the event, you’ll experience fast onboarding to the Robonomics tech stack, and get support from the IoT and robotics experts in our Discord community.


  • The Robonomics Hackathon v0 will run from April 9th to May 6th, 2021.

  • The window for submitting your project is open until the 2nd of May.

  • Reviewing the applications will last for 4 days. The winners will be announced on May 6th.

Robonomics documentation:

Be sure to visit our wiki page and have a look at all the documentation. It is an important step that will help you build a project on Robonomics without difficulty.


  • Teams are limited to 7 members

  • Engineers and developers of all backgrounds and skill levels are welcome


  • You're the owner of the submitter work
  • A project concept is built with the required tools
  • A link to the GitHub repository
  • A project description (up to 500 words)

  • Video presentation 

Hackathon Sponsors


$8,000 in prizes

1st place

$4,500 will be paid in DAI

2d place

$2,500 will be paid in DAI

3d place

$1,000 will be paid in DAI

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Vadim Manaenko

Vadim Manaenko
Robonomics R&D

Sergei Lonshakov

Sergei Lonshakov
Robonomics Architect

Ivan Berman

Ivan Berman
Scientific administrator

Alexander Krupenkin

Alexander Krupenkin
Robotics/IoT developer, Ethereum smart contract developer, Aira tech stack architect

Alexandr Kapitonov

Alexandr Kapitonov
Cofounder Robonomics. Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies. Associate Professor at the Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics

Judging Criteria

  • Implementation
    Successful use of Robonomics and other required tools in your project
  • Topic
    Correspondance of your project to the main theme of the hackathon (smart space)
  • Presentation
    A demo or a YouTube video (screencast) presenting the functionality of your project

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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